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Be advised that in view of the current political/spiritual conflicts and unrest in areas frequented by our ministry, we will no longer be making public the locations of the crusades in these troubled areas, etc. until further notice. Thank you for understanding!




Healing for Today™ Gospel Worldwide Gospel Ministries with Bishop Steve Moore is declaring Christ with signs and wonders following the preaching of the word of God in countries around the world. Please contact Healing for Today™ or Bishop Steve Moore by Email on our Contact Page.Healing for Today(TM) with Bishop Steve Moore is a faith healing and miracle healing organization. Dr. Moore is a Faith and Miracle Healer. He has healed people all over the world, while preaching the word of God from Africa and India to The United States. He holds several healing conferences and miracles crusades every year all across the country and the world. His mission as an evangelical faith healer and preacher of the Gospel is to spread the word of God across the world and heal God's children who are sick, blind, deaf, lame or otherwise afflicted. Healing for Today and healingfortoday.com are registered trademarks(TM)